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Seacret Bio Skin Glow line is an innovative skincare regimen with a personalized approach and scientifically-formulated products with powerful, glow-inducing ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results. Read more to discover your personalized skincare. 

Each skin is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to give your skin the boost it needs for an instant natural glow or a super glow with extended wear. That’s why you need a customized skin care routine based on your skin needs, goals, and desired appearance.

Seacret Laboratories has developed Seacret Bio Skin Glow to give your unique skin exactly what it needs – a flexible and innovative skincare regimen with a personalized approach and scientifically formulated products with powerful, glow-inducing ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results.

There’s no skin like yours. It’s dynamic and influenced by different factors. For example, as seasons change, your skin reacts to the changing temperatures and fluctuations in humidity levels. The flexible Seacret Bio Skin Glow system gives you the option to choose what to give your skin and how you want your skin to look. It’s a personalized radiance-boosting system that optimizes luminosity and vitality.

Each product in the system features Seacret’s uniquely developed Glow Complex – green microalgae, pea extract peptide, and Seacret’s very own hand-concocted patent-pending blend Ferment 21™. Glow Complex has been clinically proven to increase skin’s glow, brighten and enhance skin tone, help enhance skin renewal, and increase cellular energy. It helps protect the skin from free radicals, inflammation, and dermal collagen degradation.

The rest of the ingredients in each product depend on the product’s purpose – whether it’s hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, Vitamin C for a natural glow, or adenosine for anti-aging support.  
 Milky essence

The system offers the following products: Milky Essence and Milky Essence Mist as part of Step 1; three different ampoule serums as part of Step 2; and an antioxidant-rich Advanced Radiance Cream as Step 3.
Start by applying Milky Essence or Milky Essence Mist. Then, choose from our three ampoule serums – Glow, Hydrate, or Resurface. Each one is a super-concentrated blend of essential nutrients addressing specific skincare needs. Choose your ampoule serum according to the time of the day, the season, and your skin needs.

  • Glow – our VC Ampoule Serum delivers a potent dose of the right form of Vitamin C to brighten your skin tone and help reduce signs of aging.
  • Hydrate – our HA Ampoule Serum features a strong blend of hyaluronic acids to help plump up your skin.
  • Resurface – our MA Night Ampoule Serum is a cocktail of top-performing multi-acids for more youthful-looking skin the next morning.

Then comes our Advanced Radiance Cream which is the last step. It’s an indulgent moisturizer with a fresh feel and a powerful water lock technology for all-day moisture, radiance, and glow. It helps protect against environmental stressors and provides a beautiful, smooth base for your makeup.

All products in the Seacret Bio Skin Glow series complement each other in order to address different skin needs and offer a comprehensive skincare solution. Ampoules and Radiance Cream can be layered, or mixed and applied together, depending on your preference.

Discover your personalized skincare formulated by Seacret Laboratories today.