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FERMENT 21™ - Benefits


Seacret FERMENT 21™ is a proprietary Seacret blend, it is a potent bio-ferment that results from a living culture of microalgae Dunaliella salina, enriched with the world-famous Dead Sea minerals. Dunaliella Salina is one of the few organisms that survive the highly saline Dead Sea. Rich in carotenoids, it possesses incredibly strong antioxidant properties that act as a protective shield on the skin. Seacret patent-pending natural ingredient FERMENT 21™ is harnessed through a hand-crafted 12-step process. The resulting broth is rich in amino acids, monosaccharides, and proteins. Preliminary in-vitro testing showed that FERMENT 21™ helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, optimizes collagen, encourages natural skin cell turnover, and affects skin markers of longevity and youth.

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